The Center for Reproductive Medicine and Prenatal Genetics of The First Hospital of Jilin University is a harmonious, progressive, active, and sunny team. The department adheres to the patient-centered tenet, works scientifically and rigorously, and strives for excellence.

The center has reproductive clinics of gynecology, reproductive andrology, prenatal diagnosis, recurrent miscarriage, pre-pregnancy eugenics and prenatal genetic counseling. It has realized the characteristic diagnosis and treatment mode of pre-pregnancy, prenatal, infertility and abortion series projects.

The center covers:

artificial insemination by husband,

artificial insemination by donor,

IVF (in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer technology, commonly known as the first generation of test tube babies),

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, commonly known as second-generation IVF),

PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis, commonly known as third-generation IVF),

donated eggs,

Fertility Preservation Minimally Invasive Surgery,

oligoasthenospermia treatment,

Azoospermia Microspermectomy and other pre-pregnancy examinations, infertility examinations, recurrent miscarriage examinations and other items.

Prenatal field now underway

Down’s screening,

NIPT (prenatal testing of fetal cell-free DNA in the peripheral blood of pregnant women, commonly known as non-invasive DNA prenatal testing),

amniocentesis (commonly known as amniocentesis),

karyotype analysis,

microarray gene chip analysis,

prenatal genetic counseling,

Genetic disease genetic diagnosis and fertility guidance,

fetal NT ultrasound,

fetal ultrasound,

Fetal malformation consultation ultrasound,

Fetal echocardiography and other pregnancy tests.

The center has now become the most complete unit in Jilin Province to carry out assisted reproduction and prenatal diagnosis technology projects.

The center is:

The first official operation unit of the preimplantation embryo genetic diagnosis technology project in Jilin Province;

The first official operation unit of in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer and its derivative technology project in Jilin Province;

The first official operation unit of the donor sperm artificial insemination technology project in Jilin Province;

Jilin Province’s first husband sperm artificial insemination technology project verification unit;

The first prenatal diagnosis center in Jilin Province;

Jilin Provincial Prenatal Diagnosis Center;

Jilin Province Prenatal Screening Practitioner Training Base,

Jilin Province Andrology Continuing Education Base;

Jilin Province Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Medical Quality Control Center;

Jilin Province Prenatal Diagnostic Technology Medical Quality Control Center;

Jilin Provincial Research Center of Reproductive Medicine and Genetic Engineering,

Jilin Province Birth Defect Prevention and Control Technology Innovation Center,

National Birth Defect Prevention and Control Talent Training Base.


The center has undertaken more than 90 national, provincial and ministerial projects, published more than 400 articles, applied for 16 patents, and participated in the preparation of 17 monographs. The center conducts academic exchanges with well-known hospitals in Russia, the United States, Canada and other countries.

The center has hosted more than 30 national, provincial and municipal academic conferences and trained more than 6,000 trainees. It actively carried out tele-consultation and built a medical collaboration network with the center as the core radiating the whole province and surrounding areas. Through community free clinics, TV, radio, self-media and other channels it carried out popularization and education, which contributed to the Healthy China Strategy.

The center always adheres to the “patient-centered” idea, practices the spirit of Bethune, respects life, reveres and protects life. In order to realize the dream of infertile couples as parents, the expectation of families with birth defects to have healthy children, every medical staff here is dedicating their own efforts. Inheriting hope and nurturing life, as long as paying more and working harder, life will be more beautiful!