Characteristics of Diagnosis and Treatment

1) Laparoscopic-assisted small incision (Miccoli) multifunctional neck dissection for

thyroid cancer. It is the national leading operation skills, which has been performed only in our center in Jilin province;

2) The technology of minimally invasive thyroidectomy through the intermuscular

approach through the small lateral neck incision. It has been promoted and developed rapidly in our center for the recent years with the cases ranked among the best  in China.

3) Precise surgical diagnosis and treatment for primary and secondary


4) Neck Scarless Thyroid Surgery ( through breast-mammary from 2009, through the

axilla from 2018, through the oral from2019);

5) Ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) and BRAF gene

detection (FNAC) in the precision diagnosis for thyroid tumors, which ranks among the best in in China;

6) Application of nerve monitoring technology for function protection of recurrent

laryngeal nerve, superior laryngeal nerve and other cervical nerves;

7) Intraoperative rapid identification and protection of parathyroid glands by

fluorescent microsphere immunochromatography;

8) Ultrasound-guided microwave ablation for thyroid tumors;

9) Carbon Nanoparticles tracing technology for parathyroid arathyroid protection and

cervical lymph node tracing during surgery.

10) The application of laryngeal ultrasonography for the perioperative evaluation of

vocal cord function