Characteristics of Diagnosis and Treatment

The department has first-class talents and advanced technology. Projects as follow:

1)Kidney biopsy:

The department has a dedicated pathology laboratory, advanced renal pathology processing and imaging equipment, employs well-known domestic renal pathology experts for pathological diagnosis, applies new immunosuppressive agents to treat various glomerular diseases and monitor the blood concentration of cyclosporine A, FK506 and other medicine; And it carried out light chain, hepatitis C antigen and other special staining of renal biopsy pathology.

2)Blood purification therapy:

The department took the lead in developing hemofiltration and hemoperfusion; equipped with the international advanced hemodialysis machine and hemofiltration machine. At the same time, the department carried out automatic peritoneal dialysis (automatic peritoneal dialysis) treatment to provide a variety of treatment methods for the majority of patients with renal failure. It took the lead in developing children’s hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis in Jilin province, which achieved great social benefits.

3) Establishment of vascular access blood purification

It is at the highest level in the province in terms of long-term internal jugular vein catheterization and arteriovenous fistula angioplasty, and gradually developed brachioaxillary fistula and other technologies.