Characteristics of Diagnosis and Treatment

1) Respiratory intensive care unit

The department has established the first respiratory intensive care unit with strong technical force in Jilin Province. At present, the department has routinely carried out technical methods such as mechanical ventilation, CRRT (Continuous renal replacement therapy), ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation), Lung Ultrasound, thoracoscopic diagnosis, and pulmonary rehabilitation. As the main department for the postoperative management of lung transplant patients in the hospital, in collaboration with the Department of Thoracic Surgery, so far 11 cases of lung transplants have been successfully completed, which indicates that the current level of diagnosis and treatment in our RICU has reached the national advanced level.

2) Sleep apnea monitoring center

The department is the first to carry out sleep work and to carry out manual reading of sleep monitoring reports and CPAP pressure titration technology in Jilin Province. The center has full-time sleep doctors and Registered PolySomnoGraphic Technologist (RPSGT), and strictly implements the American AASM standard. A number of imported advanced equipment have been introduced, and the number of involved diseases and the number of patients are in the leading place of the three northeastern provinces of China.

3) Endoscopic respiratory diagnosis and treatment

The endoscopic intervention center of the department consists of a respiratory endoscopy room, a medical thoracoscopy room, an endoscope disinfection center and an observation ward. It is equipped with the most advanced OLYMPUS electronic bronchoscope host, ultrasonic bronchoscope host, German STORZ rigid endoscope system, bronchoscope, ultrasonic bronchoscope, portable visual electronic bronchoscope, internal medicine electronic thoracoscope, DIRECTPATH virtual navigation system, Germany ERBE Cryotherapy instrument plasma multifunctional surgical treatment system.

The department carried out interventional treatment and routine bronchoscopy of rigid bronchoscope and electronic bronchoscope under general anesthesia; Electronic thoracoscopic pleural biopsy, empyema, pneumothorax and other treatments; The rapid and accurate diagnosis of cytology was performed by rapid bedside pathological detection technology (ROSE).

4) Pulmonary function system

The department has an independent pulmonary function room with a variety of advanced pulmonary function testing equipment. The test items include test of pulmonary ventilation function, lung diffusion function, airway resistance, residual function, bronchial provocation test, bronchodiastolic test, blood gas and electrolyte analysis, exhaled NO test , etc. The lung function tests carried out by the department are at the leading level in Jilin Province in terms of quantity and quality.

5) Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center

The respiratory rehabilitation treatment center currently has doctors and nurses with professional knowledge of respiratory rehabilitation, and professional equipment such as exercise cardiopulmonary testing equipment, which can complete the evaluation and treatment of chronic respiratory diseases (especially chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and critically ill patients, the diagnosis and treatment of patients with unexplained dyspnea. The center can provide patients with comprehensive services, improve the quality of patients life, reduce the recurrence of chronic respiratory diseases, and reduce the burden on society and family.