The Department of General Ultrasound was established in early 2013. It is a comprehensive department integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, and residency training. There are more than 50 staff in the department, including 28 doctors, 1 professor, 2 associate professors, 7 attending physicians, and 17 physicians. 4 of them have doctoral degrees and more than 20 of them have master degrees. Most of them have study experience in domestic advanced hospitals, learn advanced ultrasound technology at home and abroad, and have rich experience in clinical and ultrasound diagnosis.

The department now has 20 color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic instruments and 1 portable ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, which is responsible for medical examination ultrasound, cadre ward ultrasound, outpatient ultrasound work in the hospital. Ultrasound examination covers a wide range, including: superficial organ ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound, cardiac ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, gastrointestinal ultrasound, pelvic floor ultrasound, musculoskeletal ultrasound, lung ultrasound, prostate ultrasound, rectal ultrasound, intraoperative ultrasound, contrast-enhanced ultrasound and etc.

The department has an annual diagnosis and treatment volume of nearly 190,000. It always adheres to the patient-centered approach, puts medical quality first, and standardizes ultrasound examination skills and report writing.

The department has a fine group of ultrasound subspecialties, focusing on five subspecialties of ultrasound diagnosis and treatment of lung ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, pelvic floor ultrasound, musculoskeletal ultrasound, and gastrointestinal ultrasound. It cooperates closely with clinical departments to complete related diagnosis and treatment work and scientific research work. Lung ultrasound, pelvic floor ultrasound and vascular ultrasound actively participate in national multi-center projects. Pelvic floor ultrasound has been set as the intelligent pelvic floor ultrasound training base in Jilin Province and member unit of the China Prospective Multi-center Study on Pelvic Floor Ultrasound.

In the past eight years, the department has undertaken a number of provincial and ministerial-level projects and published many high-level papers, undertaken more than 20 provincial, ministerial and municipal scientific research projects, with a total funding of nearly 2 million yuan, and won two Jilin University Medical Achievement Awards. It has published more than 60 academic papers, 15 of which were indexed in SCI and 11 were published in Chinese Medical Journal, and participated in editing 4 works. The department undertakes the teaching and practice work of undergraduates and postgraduates in Jilin University, and attaches great importance to the training of resident doctors and trainee doctors. The department has held national and provincial continuing education and training conferences for 6 consecutive years, which has a high influence in the field.