The department of rheumatology of The First Hospital of Jilin University was established in March 2009. It has 52 registered beds and 60 open beds, its annual outpatient volume is more than 40,000 person-times, and the annual admission and discharge volume is more than 5,000 person-times.

Up to now, the staff of the department has more than 50 papers included in SCI, with the highest impact factor of 7.86, 5 books published, more than 120 papers included in core journals, and 27 completed scientific research projects, including 3 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 6 projects from the Jilin Provincial Department of Science and Technology, 4 projects from Jilin Provincial Finance Government Fund, 3 projects from Youth Fund of the First Academy of Jilin University, and more than 10 scientific research achievements.

The department has received a grant of 5 million yuan from the Jilin Provincial Department of Finance for the ‘Diagnosis and Treatment Platform for Rheumatism and Immunity Features”. The department has been ranked in the top 20 and the first in Jilin Province for many years in “Rheumatology and Autoimmune Diseases” of the China Hospital Science and Technology Influence Ranking, and it was ranked 16th in the country in 2020.