The Department of Spine Surgery of The First Hospital of Jilin University was established in 2005, which is the first spine surgery department in Jilin Province. It was founded by Professor Liu Yi, a well-known domestic spine surgery expert, and served as the first department director. Since its establishment, with the strong support of the leaders of the hospital, the department has made remarkable achievements in medical treatment, teaching and scientific research.

Spinal surgery is an excellent discipline of The First Hospital of Jilin University, a discipline conferred by the State Education Commission for master’s and doctoral degrees, and a national continuing education and training base. The department has a high-quality medical team with rigorous diagnosis and treatment, standardized management, superb technology and strong sense of responsibility. At present, Professor Zhang Shaokun is the director of the department, and Professor Niu Feng and Professor Fu Changfeng are the deputy directors. There are 5 professors, 6 associate professors and 10 attending physicians. Among them, there are 5 doctoral supervisors and 9 master supervisors. All the doctors in the department have master’s degrees in medicine, and 18 of them have doctoral degree in medicine. The staff of the department has gone to the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy and other countries for research and study, and always kept pace with the most advanced international treatment concepts and treatment techniques for spinal surgical diseases.

The medical level of spine surgery is advanced with more than 3000 cases of spine surgery every year. The treatment effect is good with  high satisfaction of patients. The clinical application research of the department in spinal degenerative diseases (lumbar disc herniation, cervical spondylosis), spinal cord injury, spinal deformity, spinal tumor, spinal tuberculosis, osteoporosis, etc. has reached the domestic advanced level. At the same time, it is also one of the leading disciplines in Jilin Province to apply new technologies and new therapies to treat spinal diseases.

The Department of Spinal Surgery currently undertakes teaching tasks such as five-year students, seven-year students, experimental (eight-year) students, foreign students, and postgraduate and doctoral students of clinical medicine in Jilin University. Besides, it also undertakes the task of residency training, national and provincial continuing education, etc. It undertook more than 60 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, with a total of more than 10 million scientific research funds, and published more than 400 scientific research papers.

The department has always adhered to the professional spirit of excellence, adhered to the “patient-centered” service concept, and provided each patient with superb technologies and high-quality services to ensure medical safety and medical quality.