Department of Spine Surgery

Welcome to the Department of Spine Surgery at The First Hospital of Jilin University, a trailblazing institution established in 2005. Founded by the renowned spine surgery expert, Professor Liu Yi, our department has been a beacon of excellence in Jilin Province, leading the way in medical treatment, education, and research.

Our Team and Training

At the helm of our department is Director Professor Zhang Shao-Kun, supported by the seasoned expertise of Deputy Directors Professors Niu Feng and Fu Chang-Feng. The international experience of our staff, honed at prestigious institutions across the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, and beyond, ensures that our practices are at par with the most advanced global standards.

We are deeply committed to education, overseeing residency training and continuing education programs at both national and provincial levels. Our dedication to research is evident in the over 60 scientific research projects we have undertaken, funded by more than 10 million from national, provincial, and municipal bodies, and the over 400 scientific papers we have published, all in the pursuit of advancing the field of spine surgery.

Clinical Excellence and Research

Our department performs over 3000 spine surgeries each year, consistently achieving high patient satisfaction through exceptional clinical outcomes. Our research into spinal degenerative diseases, spinal cord injury, spinal deformity, spinal tumor, spinal tuberculosis, and osteoporosis is recognized for its advanced domestic standing. We are also pioneers in the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and innovative therapies for spinal disease treatment.

The Department of Spine Surgery at The First Hospital of Jilin University is dedicated to providing our patients with comprehensive, innovative care, setting the benchmark for excellence in the field of spine surgery.