Characteristics of Diagnosis and Treatment

We have pioneered a range of innovative surgical techniques, including:

    · Orthopedic Surgery for Scoliosis and Kyphosis: Treating a variety of scoliosis and kyphosis conditions, from congenital and idiopathic to those caused by fractures, spinal tuberculosis, or neurofibromatosis.

    · Total En-bloc Spondylectomy for Spinal Tumors: Specializing in the comprehensive resection of primary spinal tumors and single-segment spinal metastases.

    · Endoscopic Operations: Utilizing minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of lumbar and cervical disc herniation.

    · Upper Cervical Spine Surgery: Addressing complex conditions such as atlantoaxial instability and dislocation.

    · Navigation and Robotic-Assisted Surgery: Employing advanced navigation and the Orthopedic Surgery Robot for precision spinal pedicle screw internal fixation.