General practitioners are the health guards and the gatekeepers of the residents’ health. “People-oriented, residents’ health-centered” is the service concept and development creed of the general medicine department.

In 2008, The First Hospital of Jilin University was approved by the Ministry of Health as a standardized training base for general practice residents, we have been then involved in the field of general practice. Everything starts from scratch, we have developed from understanding, learning, research, and establishment of regulations to become the largest standardized training base for general practice in Jilin Province step by step, with the largest number of students and the highest annual completion rate.

With ten years of hard work and dedication, we have also achieved remarkable results. In 2015, our base became the only national-level general practice resident standardized training demonstration base in  Jilin Province; In 2018, it was awarded “one of the top ten bases in the country” by the Chinese Medical Doctor Association; On December 24, 2019, the department was officially established and the work was carried out smoothly, and has become a leader of general medicine in Jilin Province.

The department currently has 15 doctors, including 8 doctoral degree holders, 3 doctoral candidates, 4 master degree holders, and 30 nurses.

The department has undertaken 2 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, more than 35 projects at the provincial, ministerial, municipal and school levels, with a total research funding of more than 3 million yuan. It has published more than 50 articles in SCI and core journals, and owns 1 national invention patent. Now the department is the General Medical Professional Committee of Jilin Medical Association and the chairman unit of the General Medicine Professional Committee of the Jilin Provincial Health Management Society.