Characteristics of Diagnosis and Treatment

A.  Free Cancer Pain Treatment

The Hospice Unit is patient-centered and provides patients with free pain assessment, home care guidance, medicine analgesia treatment, psychological counseling, social support, and integrated services of body, mind, and spirit. Since its inception, the Hospice Unit has provided patients with painkillers, which worth more than 20 million yuan. The hospice service has greatly reduced the financial burden of the patient’s family, and has been well received by hospice patients and their families. In the telephone survey of patients with hospice care service, the satisfaction degree of patients has reached more than 9 points.

B.  Home service

The biggest difference between the Hospice Unit and other departments in the hospital is that the hospice service mode is home service, and medical staff take special vehicles to carry out services at patients’ homes.

When the application materials are complete, the medical staff will visit the patient for the first time to conduct pain assessment, psychological state assessment, symptom assessment, etc., formulate an overall pain relief plan for the patient, and give the patient medicine treatment. Afterwards, they will visit the patient regularly to evaluate the degree of changes in the condition and pain, and to understand other needs of the patient and family. At the same time, combined with the form of telephone follow-up, the medication and other guidance will be adjusted according to the changes in the condition and the treatment effect.


C. Professional Services of Hospice Social Work

Hospice social workers use professional knowledge, methods and skills to carry out casework to help hospice patients and their families to discover and use their own and surrounding resources to improve their adaptation to the social environment. In addition, social workers organize group activities, aiming at restoring and enhancing the social functions of individuals and groups through the process of professional group activities based on the interpersonal interdependence and interaction, so as to achieve the goal of social development.

At the same time, the Hospice Unit has cooperated with the community to serve the groups, planned and organized interdisciplinary teams to actively go to medical institutions and communities to carry out community publicity activities by taking the opportunities of the Cancer Prevention and Control Publicity Week, Chinese Youth Day, Hospice and Palliative Care Day, and Volunteer Day. The department actively promotes the concept of hospice, realizes resource sharing and complementary advantages, and forms a service network and operation mechanism with multi-party participation.