Characteristics of Diagnosis and Treatment

The diseases treated by the department include endocrinology, genetic disorders, metabolic disorders, children nutritional and mental healthcare, growth and development of children, short stature, sexual precocious, diabetes mellitus, obesity, rare case and hereditary metabolic disease diagnosis and treatment.

The treated diseases mainly involve:

A. endocrinology for Children

adrenal gland disorders

congenital adrenal hyperplasia

neonatal/congenital hyperinsulinemia with hypoglycemia and others

calcium disorders

differences of sexual development (DSD)

delayed puberty

precocious puberty

ambiguous genitalia

growth disorders 

growth hormone deficiency

Turner Syndrome

(1) certain learning disabilities

(2) delayed puberty

(3) heart defects

(4) infertility

(5) short stature

hypothalamus gland disorders

mineral and bone metabolism disorders, including rickets, osteoporosis and others

pituitary gland disorders

short stature

thyroid gland disorders, including Graves’ disease

organic acidemia

chromosomal disease

Down’s syndrome


glycogen accumulation disease

Silver-Russel syndrome

Niemann-Pick disease

Bartter/ Gitelman 


B. metabolic bone diseaseprogram




multiple or frequent fractures



vitamin D deficiency

C. Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

diabetes care for children

certified diabetes care and education specialists

nutrition and physical activity guidance

pediatric psychology services

diabetes injection wound care


D. Assessment of Growth and Development of Cchildren

E. child nutrition assessment and guidance

routine physical examinations

assessment of growth and development

feeding guidance

analysis and treatment of  children's nutritional condition

1) childhood anemia

2) feed disorders

3) food intolerance / allergies

4) zinc deficiency

5) lead poisoning

6) nutrition management for children with obesity, malnutrition

7) rickets

F. children mental health care

children’s attention and memory test analysis and training

children’s IQ screening and diagnostic evaluation

Assessment of the Children’s Psychological Behavior Problem

1anxiety and depression

2obsessive-compulsive disorder

3school weariness

4social phobia

5separation anxiety

6learning difficulties


Children’s Temperament Test Analysis

Adolescent Personality Analysis

Adolescent Career Interest and Tendency Analysis

The Evaluation and Behavior Therapy

1childrens attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

2tic disorder

3childrens emotional problems