Medical equipment

As a professional department integrating clinical, teaching and scientific research, the department currently has advanced professional medical equipment including: Suspension Bed, Versa Jet II Hydrosurgery System, MEEK, Zimmer - Electric Dermatome, Special immersion equipment for burns, Extracorporeal shock wave therapy apparatus, Ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus, Fat transplantation equipment, Ultra-pulsed carbon dioxide dot array laser therapy instrument, Pulsed dye laser, Dynamic blood glucose analyzer, Leica Surgical microscope system, Head-mounted microscope, Skin Doppler blood flow meter and etc. At the same time, the department is equipped with Centrifuge, Ultrasonic broken meter,-80° Refrigerator, -20° Refrigerator, PCR, RT-PCR, Fluorescent inverted microscope, Fluorescence orthotopic microscop, Horizontal nucleic acid electrophoresis apparatus, Full wavelength microplate reade, Electrophoresis apparatus, Liquid nitrogen storage tank, 3D camera and other equipment, which meet the needs of scientific research, and it have a professional camera room and surgical design software system.