The department of cadre ward - eighth floor treatment area of The First Hospital of Jilin University was established in 1985, and it is the earliest senior cadre department established in Jilin Province. The eighth floor treatment area of the cadre ward has always been the backbone of the cadre ward, and has undertaken one-third of the entire cadre health care and medical services. The department is mainly responsible for the medical care of retired people, including the medical care of retired provincial and municipal cadres; the medical care of retired, in-service deputy department and above level cadres and senior intellectuals (secondary care). This group of people have a higher avarage age of 91.5, with severe illness, coexistence of multiple diseases, long-term oral administration of multiple drugs, long average hospitalization days and higher requirements for medical services. Under the premise of ensuring the medical resources of health care objects, the department will also accommodate VIPs and ordinary patients, about 500 people/year. At the same time, the department also undertakes the medical and health care work of large-scale conferences in Jilin Province, visits of national leaders and national and provincial inspection teams, about 80 days/year.

With the joint efforts of hospital leaders and department staff,  department’s medical work has no negative comments and no complaints, which has been praised by all health care patients. It is one of the warmest and most enthusiastic treatment area in the heart of health care patients. All medical staff in the eighth floor treatment area of the cadre ward will work together to improve the level of disease treatment through talent training, improve clinical service capabilities through standardized diagnosis and treatment, and improve patient satisfaction through high-quality services, building our department into a first-class geriatrics specialty in the country.

The department currently has: 15 doctors, including 8 doctoral degree holders, 3 doctoral candidates, 4 master degree holders and 30 nurses.

The department has undertaken 2 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, more than 35 projects at the provincial, ministerial, municipal and school levels. The total scientific research funds of the department is over 3 million yuan, it has over 50 papers  included in SCI or other core journals, and has 1 national invention patent. At present the department is the chairman unit of the General Medicine Professional Committee of the Jilin Provincial Medical Association and the General Medicine Professional Committee of the Jilin Provincial Health Management Society. A number of doctors serve as members of the Standing Committee and Committee of the Geriatrics Branch of Jilin Medical Association.