Characteristics of Diagnosis and Treatment

At present, there are 3 treatment areas and 56  beds in the ICU of the department.

Over the years, the department has formed a “basic treatment mode with respiratory support technology as the leader, continuous blood purification technology as the focus, nutritional support technology as the auxiliary, and hemodynamic monitoring and critical ultrasound technology as the means”.

The department can provide treatment and technical support for various types of patients with various types of acute, reversible, life-threatening organ insufficiency, various types of shock, severe pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), multiple organ dysfunction syndrome; severe multiple trauma, compound trauma, acute drug poisoning, acute severe pancreatitis, general anesthesia and various major postoperative and perioperative complications (circulatory instability, hypertension and crisis, surgical accidents, and respiratory support for various reasons) , pregnancy complications and high-risk pregnancy, and other life-threatening patients.

It also provides basic guarantees for medical cooperation among various clinical departments in the hospital and to ensure patient safety. Over the years, the department has won more than 20 outstanding medical achievement awards of Jilin University.