The First Hospital of Jilin University, also known as The First Bethune Hospital of Jilin University, was established in 1949 in Changchun City, Jilin Province. As a grade A tertiary hospital, it offers clinical treatment, teaching, research, disease prevention, health care, and rehabilitation services. It spans two districts with a total construction area of 549,500 square meters, more than 5,900 hospital beds, and 9,600 employees. With a comprehensive range of disciplines, cutting-edge technology, and a pool of talented individuals with innovative achievements, the hospital has distinct features that set it apart.

The hospital boasts an impressive infrastructure, including 75 clinical departments, 6 outpatient departments, and 8 medical technological and auxiliary departments, with a total of 96 operating rooms. It has one national key discipline, 17 national key clinical construction projects, and various facilities, such as a gene testing center, a physical examination center, and an international health promotion center. The hospital also has phase I drug clinical trial wards, day wards, and other medical facilities. Furthermore, the hospital serves as a host to a range of national and provincial research centers, such as the Research Institution of Translational Medicine, the National Teacher Training Center, a national-local joint engineering laboratory, a key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, and a National Demonstration Center for the Application of Gene Testing Technology. It also includes a key laboratory of National Medical Products Administration, an International Joint Research Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 4 sub-centers of National Clinical Research Center, 14 key laboratories of Jilin Province, 12 clinical research centers of Jilin Province, and 9 key disciplines of Jilin Province.

In recent years, the Hospital has received numerous national and provincial awards, including a second prize of the National Natural Science Award, a second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, and many more. It has undertaken several national projects and published thousands of SCI articles. The Hospital has also been recognized for its research capabilities, ranking 9th in China for comprehensive scientific research funding. It actively promotes the MDT collaboration model of multidisciplinary comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, as well as day surgery. In 2020, it became the first Internet hospital in Jilin Province, and in July 2021, it successfully passed the evaluation of the standardization maturity of national medical and health information interconnection, Level 5 and Grade B. In addition, the Hospital is the first in the four northern provinces to set up a national emergency medical rescue team. Its medical workers have played a crucial role in treating major disasters and emergencies in China, which has been widely recognized.

In 2021, the Hospital proposed a high-quality development system and implemented a talent-oriented strategy to bolster its operations. To attract, nurture, and leverage talent, the Hospital expands recruitment channels, implements stringent admission protocols, integrates resources, promotes innovative practices, and maintains an open-minded approach to hiring overseas talent. The Hospital is committed to enhancing its talent policies, improving talent services, and fostering a supportive environment for talent development. It will also refine its talent training and tenure systems, enhance the management of outstanding physicians and young talent reserves, and endeavor to cultivate exceptional leaders in various academic disciplines. Additionally, the Hospital has set its sights on constructing a high-level scientific research platform that will provide top-notch services and foster a stimulating, invigorating scientific research environment. The aim is to attract and retain a larger number of skilled science and technology talents and serve as a hub of innovative ideas and cutting-edge research.

In its 74 years of construction and development, the Hospital has remained steadfast in its commitment to the motto of “Devotion, Precision, Perfection, and Virtuousness”. It has always pursued high-quality development through the use of exquisite medical skills, noble medical ethics, scientific management, and a focus on discipline construction.