Department of Colorectal and Anal Surgery and Second Department of General Surgery of The First Hospital of Jilin University were established in November 2005. It is the first professional discipline of pelvic floor and anus in Jilin University. Based on the general surgery platform of The First Hospital of Jilin University, it has been ranked into the top among the national key clinical specialties of the Ministry of Health.

Following the guiding ideology of “harmony, diligence, innovation and development”, Adhering to the tenet of “taking the patient-centered and serving the people wholeheartedly” and the development concept of “making full effort to the advantages of specialization and creating specialized characteristics”. Through the joint efforts of all medical staff, it has become the most influential diagnosis and treatment center for pelvic floor and anorectal diseases in Jilin Province.

Since the establishment of the discipline, it has continuously improved the discipline construction, actively carried out technological innovation, and wholeheartedly served the majority of patients with enthusiasm and advanced medical technology. The disciplines give full play to the clinical research advantages of teaching hospitals, which create discipline characteristics in terms of minimally invasive, characteristics and innovative.

There are 51 beds in the general hospital treatment area, 14 doctors and 21 nurses. The personnel structure is reasonable, and the team is harmonious and energetic.

The technical team of the department actively creates disciplinary advantages in terms of minimally invasive, characteristics and innovative: While giving full play to the advantages of pelvic floor surgery and perianal diseases, it actively carry out standardized diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer and chronic constipation, which can comprehensively carry out the related examination and treatment of various diseases of the colorectum and pelvic floor and perianal area.

It is the first in Jilin Province to carry out minimally invasive surgery for hemorrhoids (PPH, TST, RPH), Ultrasound-mediated precise resection of complex anal fistulas, STARR surgery for defecation syndrome, Suspension fixation for pelvic organ prolapse (LVR, SIR), etc., and maturely develop the ultimate anus-preserving technique for laparoscopic colorectal cancer, abdominal specimen removal without incision, etc. It is also the first in Jilin Province to apply pelvic floor rehabilitation technology to treat chronic constipation, pelvic pain, and fecal incontinence. A number of technologies for complex and difficult pelvic floor perianal diseases have reached the domestic advanced level. It has created a distinctive diagnosis and treatment model, which represents the highest level of pelvic floor anorectal diseases in Jilin Province.