Characteristics of Diagnosis and Treatment

1) Ophthalmoplasty:

There is a complete eye plastic surgery and repair and reconstruction treatment system and a national eye plastic consultation platform hasbeen established in the department.

2) Rhinoplasty

Including cosmetic rhinoplastynasal constructionand so on.

3) Mammoplasty

Good at all kinds of cosmetic breast surgery, such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, ripple-aerial compound construction and so on.

4) Facial rejuvenation

The department performed over thousands of minimally invasive cosmetic operations, facial rhytidectomy and other operations. Meanwhile, the stem cells can be combined for comprehensive treatment.

5) Benign and Maligant Skin Tumors:

The department firstly created a body surface tumor clinic, aiming to achieve a more thorough treatment with smaller wounds, less damage, and lighter scars. In recent years, a large number of giant neurofibromas, giant moles on the head and face, giant hemangiomas, and difficult cases of large tissue defects left after tumor resection have been successfully carried out.

6) Auricular Reconstruction:

There are hundreds of cases of ear reconstruction have been completed with rich experience.

7) Scar Multiple Disciplinary Team:

The department and the radiotherapy department jointly carried out scar MDT, and relevant scientific research on the mechanism and treatment of scar, and formed a characteristic comprehensive scar treatment method.

8) Cosmetic Laser Surgery:

The department took the lead in establishing and carrying out professional cosmetic laser treatment in Jilin Province. The hardware facilities of laser equipment are advanced. It has accumulated rich clinical experience in laser treatment in the long-term work.