The Neurotrauma Surgery Department of The First Hospital of Jilin University was established on February 1st, 2012. It is a national key clinical specialty of the Ministry of Health, Jilin Provincial Brain Injury Quality Control Center, Jilin Provincial Neurological Injury Training Center, Jilin Provincial Neurological Injury and Repair Clinical Medical Research Center, Jilin Province Nerve Injury Engineering Research Center, and member unit of China Consciousness Disorder Doctors Alliance. The department is mainly engaged in basic research and clinical treatment of craniocerebral injury, with 56 beds. The annual average number of outpatients and emergency patients with craniocerebral trauma is more than 12,000, the annual average number of inpatients is over 1,800, more than 600 operations are performed annually.

Since the establishment of the department, 196 academic papers have been published as the first author or corresponding author, among them, 90 papers are indexed in SCI. The project leaders undertook 58 various types projects, among them, there are 7 national-level projects, 18 provincial and ministerial projects, and 3 patents.

Relying on the support of The First Hospital of Jilin University, the department undertakes the Chinese Electronic Journal of Neurotrauma Surgery, one of series of journals of the Chinese Medical Association, which is currently the core journal of science and technology with Professor Haifeng Wang as the editor-in-chief. It has built an academic platform for the national neurosurgery to communicate neurotrauma-related research.