The Department of Pediatrics which was founded in 1949 has a long history and permanent reputation. Through the joint efforts of several generations, a medical team which includes doctors, masters and a nursing team with masters, undergraduates and specialists have been formed.

Under the leadership of the director of the department and the head nurse, adhering the purpose of serving the society and patients, the department has become an excellent team with high moral character, superb technology and excellent service, which is highly valued by the hospital and society.

The Department of Pediaatrics consists of Pediatric Outpatient Department, Pediatric Emergency Department and Children’s Health Care Center.

The Pediatric Outpatient Clinic is now located on the second floor of the Outpatient Department (Building NO.2 ). It is mainly responsible for outpatient diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of various specialties in children, and the admission and consultation of various difficult and rare diseases. It consists of 28 diagnosis and treatment areas, inspection areas (more than 10 inspections), disposal areas, blood collection areas, and ultrasound areas. The annual outpatient volume reaches more than 650,000, accounting for about one-fifth of the hospital,with an average daily admission of about 2,000.


The Pediatric Emergency Department is located on the third floor of Building NO.3.  Together with the Department of Emergency Medicine and Emergency Surgery of The First Hospital of Jilin University, the Emergency Diagnosis and Treatment Center of The First Hospital of Jilin University is formed, which works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It consists of 7 consultation rooms, disposal room, blood collection room, atomization room, rescue room, cardiopulmonary resuscitation room, emergency observation room (15 beds) and 8 single infusion rooms,  mainly responsible for the treatment of children with various acute and critically ill children, emergency treatment of children’s public health emergencies, etc.with a complete transfer mechanism.


The Children’s Health Care Center is located in the pediatric outpatient area on the second floor of the Building NO.2, which is mainly responsible for group and individual physical examination. It provided one-step service with a special medical examination channel, children’s playground, waiting hall, blood collection room, consultation room, measurement room and ultrasound room, which is convenient and  efficient . It shortened the waiting time by using a special medical examination system in making appointment and registration. And the medical examination package can be made according to patients’ own situation with consultation by a special medical examination doctor. The physical examination report is reviewed and issued by the senior professor and the department director.


 The department attaches great importance to the quality of medical services and personnel training, and it has sent 9 people to study abroad, actively participated in training and academic exchange activities organized by the state, provinces and cities, constantly improved the quality of medical services, and enriched the connotation of high-quality nursing services. The scientific research team is growing day by day, and the scientific research ability is enhanced year by year. It has undertaken a total of 22 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, received nearly 5 million yuan (RMB) in scientific research funds, published more than 300 academic papers, won 4 medical and scientific and technological achievement awards, 21 utility model patents, and participated in the editing of 12 pediatric works.

Relying on the advantages of a complete range of outpatient and emergency, the great advantages of clinical teaching, the solid basic theory, rich clinical experience and teaching training experience, it undertakes five-year/seven-year/eight-year theoretical teaching for international students, rotating doctors in the clinical training and assessment. A total of 17 master students have been trained, it has become a pediatric teaching base in Jilin Province and Jilin University, which has been well received by the majority of students.

Over the years, based the high-level medical technology of well-known domestic pediatric experts and international advanced equipment, with excellent and honest services, it has developed into a pediatric disease diagnosis and treatment center with the integration of medical, teaching and research, radiating the three northeastern provinces and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It had been considered as  Pediatric Epilepsy Clinic, Childhood ADHD Clinic, and Children’s Health Care Center, which also is deeply trusted and highly praised by patients.

Adhering to the tenet of “serving the society” and “everything for the patient”, with the concepts of “pioneering and enterprising” and “creating a harmonious department”, united and cooperative, dedicated to work, the pediatric outpatient has developed into a team with excellent medical teaching and superb research team that adheres to tradition, noble medical ethics and technical skills, strong academics and striving for excellence.