The Pediatric Cardiovascular Department of The First Hospital of Jilin University was established in 2000. It is the first pediatric cardiovascular specialty established in the three provinces of Northeast China.

After nearly two decades of unremitting efforts, it has become a doctoral and postgraduate training department now, which integrated medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. It has domestic first-class advanced equipment and a high-quality professional team with reasonable echelon.

There are 14 medical staffs and 1 technician in the department, including 1 doctoral supervisor, 5 master supervisors, 2 professors, 5 associate professors, and 6 are with doctoral degree. At present, the department has 36 open wards. It also has advanced medical equipment, such as: Cardiac Doppler, Holter Monitor, Pediatric bicycle testing machine, Upright tilt test bed, Multifunctional Monitor, Defibrillator Pacemaker, etc.

The department focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric cardiovascular diseases, and receives more than 2,000 patients annually. And it has about 20,000 outpatients per year. It has gained a high reputation on diagnosis and treatment in the country for myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, Kawasaki disease, arrhythmia, syncope, hypertension, heart failure, congenital heart disease, chest tightness, palpitations, sighing, chest pain, cardiac neurosis, pediatric infectious diseases with myocardial damage and other diseases.

Many professors in the department have joined the professional groups of the Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and have played important roles in the collaborative groups of pediatric Kawasaki disease, pediatric myocardial disease, pediatric cardiac functional disease, and pediatric arrhythmia. The department has been designated as the only “child syncope center” in the three provinces of Northeast China.

At the same time, the department also focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of common pediatric diseases and frequently-occurring diseases.

The department has sent many doctors to Oklahoma State University, Washington University, Mississippi College, Beijing Fuwai Cardiovascular Hospital, Beijing Anzhen Cardiovascular Hospital and Beijing Children’s Hospital for the further study. The diagnosis and treatment of the above-mentioned diseases in the department are at the leading level in the country.