Department of Pediatric Oncology of The First Hospital of Jilin University is the only independent department of pediatric tumor in northeastern part of China. At present, the department has 30 beds, 9 doctors, 1 of them has senior title, 6 of them have intermediate title and 2 of them have junior title, 3 doctors have achieved doctoral degree. Since 2008, the department has comprehensively initiated the diagnosis and treatment work of childhood solid tumor diseases. The scope of professional diagnosis and treatment includes malignant tumors of various systems and lymphoma in children. It also includes benign tumor diseasessuch as hemangiomas and vascular malformations. A multidisciplinary cooperative group has been formed for the management of childhood solid tumors, lymphomas, hemangioma and vascular malformations. In order to follow the advanced technology, several young doctors have been trained in Beijing Children’s Hospital, and Shanghai Children’s Medical Center for further education.