The Emergency Department of The First Hospital of Jilin University was established in 1982. It is the most comprehensive and largest emergency medical institution in Jilin Province, which can provide one-stop emergency medical services without transfer for acute, critical and critically ill patients. The level of medical technology, emergency medicine education and academic research ranks the top of the domestic advanced levels. At present, it is The National Committee Unit of the Emergency Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, National Key Clinical Specialty Construction Project Unit, The Chairman Unit of the Emergency Medicine Branch of Jilin Medical Association, National Emergency Resident Physician Training Base, the first Emergency Medicine Master’s and Doctoral Degree Authorization Unit in Jilin Province, The Poisoning Treatment Center of The First Hospital of Jilin University.

The Emergency Department has established a complete modern emergency medical system consisting of three parts: emergency rescue room, emergency observation ward and emergency ICU (EICU). It consists of 5 areas of the emergency treatment area, the emergency rescue room, the emergency observation room, the emergency observation ward, and the EICU. It undertakes a large number of clinical tasks. The average number of emergency patients is about 100,000 every year, and the average daily emergency is between 300-400.

By establishing a complete triage system, emergency care system, emergency contingency plans and green channels, etc., the department provided patients with more convenient and humanized services, and firmly implemented the principle of “high speed, high efficiency and high sense of responsibility”.

In scientific research, the Emergency Department was awarded a number of scientific research funds from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Jilin Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Jilin Provincial Department of Education, and the Changchun Municipal Science and Technology Bureau in recent years. It has conducted in-depth research in the fields of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, sepsis, poisoning, etc., and published a number of SCI and Chinese core journal articles. It also plays an active role in teaching. Professor Xing Jihong participated in the compilation of the 5+3 academic and 8-year textbooks of Emergency Medicine, and participated in the compilation of the poisoning part of Internal Medicine.

The Emergency Department has always adhered to the clinic as the foundation, and featured the solution of critical illnesses and incurable diseases, insisted to medical-based, strengthen teaching and research efforts, promoted the construction of talent team. It has always adhered to the discipline spirit of dedication, truth-seeking, rigor and innovation. With complete system, scientific management, smooth work flow, and reasonable talent team, the department will continuously improve its own medical quality and level to meet the health needs of the people to the greatest extent possible.