The Department of Nephrology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of various primary and secondary kidney diseases as well as acute and chronic renal failure, and is inter-integrated with the department of urology, transplantation and nutrition to achieve replacement therapy from urinary system diseases to renal replacement therapies, which enables patients to receive scientific and efficient integrated treatment.

The first chronic kidney disease follow-up clinic in the three northeastern provinces was established in our hospital on March 28, 2011. As the largest kidney disease center in Jilin Province, the department discharges more than 2,000 patients every year, receives more than 15,000 outpatient visits, conducts 

图片37.pngmore than 500 renal biopsies, 500 deep venous cetheterization, and more than 200 arteriovenous fistula 


The academic leader, Professor Xu Zhonghao, is currently a national member of the Chinese Society of Nephrology; a member of the National Youth Committee of the Chinese Society of Nephrology (the seventh and eighth sessions); and a national member of the Nephrology Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

In the discipline construction, based on the needs of the people, the department paid close attention to the construction of sub-specialties, cultivated leading talents of sub-specialties and attached importance to the construction of personnel echelon, so that the Department of Nephrology of The First Hospital of Jilin University has been in the leading position in Jilin province and the first-class nephrology major in China. In the discipline evaluation, the department was ranked 12th nationally and 1st in Northeast China in terms of nephrology

In Mechanisms of glomerular fibrosis in diabetic nephropathy and proteinuria research, the results have been widely recognized by experts in the international nephrology community. In the past 10 years, the department has trained nearly 10 outstanding doctoral students and more than 20 outstanding master students, undertook undergraduate teaching work, and has won unanimous praise from students.