Medical equipment


The department covers an area of more than 4,000 square meters, with 80 beds in the ward, 90 beds in the hemodialysis center, 4 beds in automated peritoneal dialysis, 5 CRRT machines, and 62 Fresenius and Braun hemodialysis machines, 28 hemofiltration machines, 4 automatic peritoneal dialysis machines, and 1 colour doppler ultrasound. The layout of the departments is reasonable and meets the requirements of infection management. The hemodialysis room is equipped with a functional area, a dialysis treatment room and a treatment preparation room. Auxiliary function area covers water treatment room, cleaning warehouse, dirt room, sanitary ware room, reception area, patient changing room, etc. The peritoneal dialysis has an automated peritoneal dialysis ward that can complete automated peritoneal dialysis operations. The layout of wards are reasonable, including medical and nursing offices, duty rooms, and nurse stations equipped with multiple computers and other office equipment.

The department is equipped with operating room and color Doppler ultrasound room, which can complete operations such as creating peritoneal dialysis access, deep vein catheterization, and arteriovenous fistula; with a kidney pathology center, automatic embedding machine, automatic slicing machine, etc., which can independently complete various kidney pathology-related immunofluorescence, and gram staining microscopic examination; with a medicine clinical trial institution with full-time nurses, and a series of supporting facilities such as refrigerators, computers, printers, data cabinets, and emergency rooms.