The Health Evaluation Center of The First Hospital of Jilin University was established in October 2002. It is one of the first health management demonstration bases in China, the flagship unit of the National Health Management Discipline Construction and Technology Innovation Center, and the practice teaching base for registered dietitians of the Chinese Nutrition Society. Relying on the comprehensive strength and influence of The First Hospital of Jilin University, the Health Evaluation Center actively builds a high-quality health examination and health management platform by integrating expert team and medical resources of The First Hospital of Jilin University.

The Health Evaluation Center is divided into the general department and the VIP department, with a construction area of more than 5,000 square meters, and is planned and constructed in accordance with the principle of “separation of treatment and  examination”. The Health Evaluation Center of The First Hospital of Jilin University provides general medical examinations, special medical examinations, health clinics and chronic disease management services for different groups of people,  with a new health service model, a high-level medical and nursing team, advanced medical examination equipment and a comfortable and elegant environment, in line with the humanized and caring service concept, the Health Evaluation Center has continuously improved the environment and optimized the process, and has become the leader in the medical examination industry in Jilin Province.

Relying on the strong technical strength of the hospital, the Health Evaluation Center integrates the superior resources of the whole hospital (ultrasonography, radiology, laboratory, endoscopy, gynecology, ophthalmology, etc.) to provide health examination and health management services for groups and individuals.

All the medical staff of the Health Evaluation Center are willing to escort the health of the people in Jilin Province by our excellent medical technology, humanized service concept, and professional health examination services.