Characteristics of Diagnosis and Treatment

Online appointment for health examination is based on time period: saving time for our customers, avoiding gathering and improving their experience;

Green channel for post-examination visit/consultation: The center and the hospital’s clinical departments have opened a green channel for post-examination visit/consultation, and some departments can directly make an appointment for medical treatment without registration, providing convenience for medical examination customers;

Health clinic: Providing services for post-examination health consultation, health guidance and abnormal results tracking and follow-up for our clients;

Group health report: Providing health guidance and advice on the detection of abnormal results in the medical examination groups;

Management of important abnormal results of medical examination: For important abnormal results found in health examination, the center will notify relative customers or their contacts immediately according to the specific situation, so as to save time for further diagnosis and treatment of the disease;

Health education: Providing health lectures and health consulting services for health examination groups.