The Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of The First Hospital of Jilin University was established in 1958 and was once famous throughout the country for its treatment of “spondylolisthesis combined with urinary and fecal dysfunction”. With its motto of “sincere, caring, collaborative and enterprising”, and with the concept of “taking a wide range of Chinese and Western techniques, and universally saving people in pain”, it has contributed to the development of traditional medicine in China. It is a comprehensive department which integrates medical treatment, teaching and scientific research.

The department was rated as:

National General Hospital TCM Work Demonstration Unit;

Key Discipline of Spleen and Stomach Diseases in Jilin Province;

Vice President Unit of Jilin Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Association;

Vice President Unit of Jilin Province Acupuncture Society;

Jilin Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Editorial Unit;

Chairman Unit of the Clinical Professional Committee of Acupuncture and Moxibustion of Jilin Province Acupuncture Association;

Member Unit of Jilin Association of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medical Association;

Jilin Province Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine Association;

Changchun Traditional Chinese Medicine Association.

It has 1 provincial key joint laboratory , 1 famous Chinese medicine practitioner in Jilin Province, 2 famous Chinese medicine practitioners in Changchun City, and 1 famous acupuncture and massage expert in Jilin Province.

There are 30 beds in the department, which are equipped with: integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine clinic, traditional Chinese medicine internal medicine clinic, traditional Chinese medicine pediatric clinic, traditional Chinese medicine sleep conditioning clinic, acupuncture and massage clinic, breast massage clinic, and pediatric massage clinic.

The department has a total of more than 80 projects, including 10 projects from the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and more than 40 projects from the Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Commission, the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Changchun Municipal Science and Technology Commission and Jilin University. It has won 8 third prizes for provincial scientific and technological progress, 1 second prize for municipal scientific and technological progress, and 16 second and third prizes for medical achievements of Jilin University. It has published more than 300 papers (including SCI, core and other journals), and published more than 20 medical books.