The Department of Pediatric Neurology of The First Hospital of Jilin University was formerly the Comprehensive Pediatrics Department of The First Affiliated Clinical Medical College of Bethune Medical University with a long history. There are 31 doctors, including 4 professors, 5 associate professors, 1 doctoral supervisor, 5 master supervisors, 14 doctoral degree holders and 9 master degree holders. 4 of them have studied abroad, and four of them have had short-term clinical exchanges at OUHSC in the United States. All the attending physicians have advanced training in Pediatrics Department of The First Hospital of Peking University, and all the neuroelectrophysiologists have been trained in domestic top-level hospitals. The department has carried out the most complete category of nervous system detection projects with best technologies in Northeast China. The department has 19 nurses, including 1 associate chief nurse, 9 supervisor chief nurses and 9 nurses, among them there are 5 specialist nurses.

The pediatric neurological diseases include epilepsy, sleep disorders, demyelinating diseases, encephalitis, cerebellar diseases, spinal cord diseases, dyskinesia diseases, muscle diseases, neuroimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, neurogenetic metabolic diseases, hyperactivity disorder, tic disorder, headache, syncope and other difficult and rare diseases of pediatric nervous system. The Department has set up pediatric neurology clinic, pediatric rare diseases clinic, epilepsy and sleep disorders clinic, with an annual outpatient volume of more than 40000 people. The Department also set up an online consultation clinic, and regularly published the information of online outpatient visiting doctors on the official account to further facilitate patient consultation. There are 42 beds in the treatment area, and the annual number of inpatients is more than 2,000, covering the three northeastern provinces and Inner Mongolia. The department conducts ward rounds by directors  and general practice discussions on difficult and rare cases every Thursday throughout the year. Every Friday, the department will carry out academic lectures for graduate students and clinical lectures for attending physicians to track the cutting-edge clinical progress. The department turns over the consultation situation in the morning every day, and controls the consultation quality of the department inside and outside of the hospital.

As a committee member of neurology Group of Pediatrics Branch of Chinese Medical Association, a committee member of neurology Group of Pediatrics Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the council member of Chinese Anti-epilepsy Association and vice chairman of youth Committee unit, and a member of the medical genetics branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the department led the establishment of the Alliance of Pediatric neurology in Northeast China (three provinces of Northeast China and Inner Mongolia) in 2018, and the establishment of a cooperative group of Children with Tic Disorders in Northeast China was established under the Neurology Group of Pediatrics Society of Chinese Medical Association in 2019. in 2019, the department became the first designated treatment unit in Northeast China for the rare disease of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), and was one of the first 5 units to use Noxinacan sodium to treat SMA. In 2020, the department led the establishment of MDT cooperation group for pediatric rare Diseases in The First Hospital of Jilin University, and shouldered the task of diagnosis and treatment of pediatric difficult and rare diseases in Northeast China. The department has set up a free public account to release professional popular science knowledge and to Supplement the inadequacy of doctor-patient information communication.

The department has been approved as the key Laboratory of Pediatric neurology of Jilin Province, has undertaken 6 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation and more than 30 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, has published over 300 papers, from which over 60 papers were included in SCI, and has trained more than 20 graduate students. The department has undertaken the theoretical teaching and clinical practice teaching tasks for international students, eight-year medical students, seven-year medical students and undergraduate students for a long time, and is well received.



Inspired by the excellent style of the predecessors of the department, under the strong support from the hospital leadership, the neurology department and pediatric sub-professional departments of The First Hospital of Jilin University, all the medical staff of the pediatric neurology department adhere to the concept of “ great doctors' sincerity, beauty and goodness ”, and aim to cultivate professional talents with both morality and ability, constantly pursue excellence and benefit the society.