The Department of Thoracic Surgery II of The First Hospital of Jilin University was founded in March 2018 to meet the requirement of clinical practice. Derived from the original Department of Thoracic Surgery which has a history of 40 years, it is now the largest and most advanced surgical treatment center for lung diseases, tracheal, esophageal and mediastinal diseases in Jilin Province. It is equipped with 45 beds including 8 intensive care beds. The department handles more than 20,000 outpatients and more than 1,400 surgeries annually.

The department takes the combination of clinical practice and science seriously and is all out to benefit more patients based on the achievements of both clinical and basic research. Up to now, nearly 200 academic papers have been published including more than 100 SCI papers. The department also undertaken more than 30 projects, including 1 project from National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 projects from Beijing Science and Technology Award Foundation, and more than 30 provincial and ministerial-level projects. Besides, the department has maintained close association and engaged academic exchange with world famous universities and hospitals in Europe and Japan.

In the past three years, the department has hosted 5 national academic conferences, 3 online conferences, and 2 provincial-level continuing education projects. Department of Thoracic Surgery II is a master’s and doctoral conferment affiliation in the specialty of surgery by the Ministry of Education and has trained nearly 100 doctoral and master students.

Over the years, the Department of Thoracic Surgery II has continued to improve clinical diagnosis and treatment, achieving the goal of “unique and remarkable medical skills”. It has always adhered to the implementation of the diagnosis, treatment and nursing of routine diseases in thoracic surgery that are in line with international standards and domestic reality. So that it has always maintained the leading level in Jilin Province and even in the country, to achieve “the team has the focus and the people have the expertise”.