Characteristics of Diagnosis and Treatment

The department routinely carries out various minimally invasive treatments of lung cancer, mediastinal tumor and esophageal carcinoma under thoracoscopy. The department also develops minimally invasive pectus excavatum correction and palmar hyperhidrosis, completes a variety of difficult and complex thoracic surgeries and reconstruction techniques. Thoracoscopic minimally invasive surgery occupied more than 85% of all operations. The technical characteristics of the department also include difficult operations, such as: resection and reconstruction of tracheal carina, resection and reconstruction of superior vena cava, resection and reconstruction of pulmonary artery, radical resection of esophageal cancer under total endoscopy, thoracoscopic precise segmental resection under three-dimensional navigation, Da Vinci robot assisted thoracic tumor resection, correction of Nuss pectus excavatum, lung transplantation.