The VIP Clinic of the First Hospital of Jilin University was established in 2014, which is composed of expert clinic, difficult and rare disease consultation, international clinic and Multi-Disciplinary Treatment (MDT) chronic disease management clinic.

The VIP Clinic devotes to the meeting of patients’ health requirement and promotion of the people’s health literacy. Based on the high-level medical technology and international leading medical equipment of the First Hospital of Jilin University, we set up a team of clinical experts, which includes imaging, pathology, health management, etc. Our customers include high-level experts in Jilin Province, commercial medical insurance customers, technical and management talents of key enterprises in Jilin Province, patients who require accurate diagnosis and treatment, foreign patients, etc. With doctors’ benevolent hearts, we provide various services, which includes clinical diagnosis and treatment, imaging consultation, MDT difficult and rare disease consultation, early diagnosis of chronic diseases, individualized disease risk factor assessment (nutrition, sports, psychology, environmental toxins), personalized MDT chronic disease rehabilitation continuous management, etc. We are not only capable to diagnose diseases timely and accurately, but also provide integrated treatment plans, which may help the patients with holistic relief, and even reversal of chronic diseases.