Characteristics of Diagnosis and Treatment

International Clinic: We provide “one-stop” medical-related services and whole process guidance for foreign patients.

Expert Clinic: Authoritative experts of the First Hospital of Jilin University provide medical services for patients with difficult diseases or precise medical needs.

Imaging Expert Consultation (CT, MRI, ultrasound, etc.): Authoritative experts provide imaging dynamic consultation services and accurate guidance to further scientific and effective medical treatment for patients with difficult imaging diagnosis or high-risk populations with lung nodules, breast nodules and other tumors who need early and accurate identification of the disease.

MDT difficult and rare disease consultation: Authoritative expert joint consultation provides multi-disciplinary services for difficult and rare cases, which helps patients to get timely and accurate diagnosis and systematic treatment plans.

MDT Chronic Disease Management Services: MDT management mode for accurate diagnosis and systematic treatment of chronic diseases is leading in the country's chronic disease rehabilitation management services. To meet the needs of chronic disease rehabilitation, clinical departments, Health Management Center and VIP clinic are scientifically linked, and realize the echelon management of patients with chronic diseases, which provide patients with high-quality and continuous services. To highlight the “non-drug rehabilitation for chronic diseases” as the diagnosis and treatment characteristics, for the chronic disease population with complex etiology, coexistence of multiple diseases and subclinical stage, we focus on underlying causes of the diseases. We are not only capable to diagnose diseases timely and accurately, improve the symptoms, but also provide systematic chronic disease rehabilitation solutions.