Health Management Center of The First Hospital of Jilin University was established in February 2008, which promoted the establishment of Jilin Province Health Management Discipline. It was the first chairman unit of the Health Management Branch of Jilin Medical Association, and was elected to be the first batch of national demonstration bases in health management.

The center devotes to the meeting of patients’ health requirement and promotion of the people’s health literacy by “non-drug-integrated chronic disease management services”. It focuses on tracking the source of the disease, formulates a multi-role interactive management, and provides various services in our VIP clinic, which includes personalized plans for diet, exercise, emotional/stress, nutrition, environmental toxin assessments, chronic disease rehabilitation, etc. Continuous follow-up and optimization of the plans provide a guarantee for the holistic relief, and even reversal of chronic diseases.

Ever since its establishment, the center has published 21 academic papers and undertaken 11 projects, among which 6 papers are included in SCI, 4 provincial/ministerial projects.