The 9th and 10th treatment areas of the cadre wards of The First Hospital of Jilin University were established on January 1, 2016. Both of them are the national key clinical specialty of geriatrics, the Jilin Provincial Health Care Base, the Jilin Provincial Geriatrics Engineering Research Center, the China Geriatrics Alliance Unit and the Jilin Province Geriatrics Engineering Research Center. The chairman unit of the Geriatrics of the Provincial Medical Association, the chairman unit of the Geriatrics Branch of the Forestry Preventive Medicine Association, and the cooperating unit of the National Geriatrics Center.

The department is mainly engaged in overall health management and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of geriatric diseases, realizing whole-person management and individualized treatment. There are 33 beds in the cadre wards. There are more than 8,000 outpatient and emergency visits and more than 700 inpatients each year.