Characteristics of Diagnosis and Treatment

Feature 1.

It is Health care, which realizes total health management to be comprehensive, whole process, meticulous and follow-up. Including physical examination, tumor screening, common risk factors such as blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, uric acid, weight and other screening and health guidance.

Feature 2.

The comprehensive management, whole-person management and individualized treatment of elderly patients. In particular, the department  has rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of critically ill elderly and super-aged patients. It involves a wide range of specialties, covering cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, neurological, nephrology and other medical systems, urology, orthopedics and other surgical systems, mental health, dermatology, etc. In the process of diagnosis and treatment, it focused on comprehensive geriatric assessment, nutrition assessment and intervention.

Feature 3.

The department carried out the work of the geriatric multidisciplinary team (MDT), which consists of geriatrics, rehabilitation, pharmacy, mental health doctors and nurses to form a multidisciplinary team for collaborative diagnosis and treatment, aiming to improve the functional status of the elderly. More than 100 elderly MDT cases are completed every year.