Characteristics of Diagnosis and Treatment

The department adheres to the concept of “patient-centered”. On the basis of general medicine and geriatric medicine, the team of doctors is further divided into sub-specialties such as cardiovascular, neurological, endocrine, respiratory and oncology. The department has established green referral channels with thoracic surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, ICU and other departments to create a “closed-loop” medical service model and improved patient satisfaction.

It insists on “disease prevention as the key point”, implements chronic disease management strategies, creates in-depth physical examination plans for sub-healthy people, formulates exclusive health records and achieves early detection and early treatment of diseases.

(1) The department has established a tele-consultation mechanism with many top

hospitals such as Mayo Hospital, Union Medical College Hospital, 301 Hospital, Chinese Academy of Sciences Cancer Hospital, etc., to provide patients with diagnosis and treatment channels for difficult and rare diseases.

(2) It focuses on the comprehensive treatment of patients with systemic diseases. It

has established an “exclusive expert-multidisciplinary consultation” mechanism with many clinical departments such as traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation, nutrition, cardiovascular medicine, thoracic and hepatobiliary surgery to provide professional consultation services for patients for a long time. It has also established a WeChat group for consultation in the 6th treatment areas of the cadre ward, so that experts from various disciplines can discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan of patients together. It hse set a closed-loop management model for joint diagnosis by multidisciplinary experts, standardized and orderly combined treatment, to help patients solve the comprehensive difficult medical treatment and coexistence of multiple diseases, and to provide patients with more rapid, detailed, accurate and professional multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment plan and convenient medical services effectively.

(3) The nursing team is energetic, dedicated, cohesive, and skilled. There are 1

geriatric specialist nurse, 1 PICC specialist nurse, and 1 Uma International wound therapist. It refines and implements the graded caring system, implements the responsibility system of nursing and provides a full range of services for each patient wholeheartedly, reassuring patients with first-class quality, satisfying patients with first-class service and making patients comfortable with first-class environment.