Characteristics of Diagnosis and Treatment

The Department of Laboratory Medicine has carried out 513 inspection items in total. In addition to the regular items, the featured items include:

catecholamines and their metabolites;Vitamin A、D、E; Fungal culture; Fungal Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test;Tuberculosis infection T cell infection test;β-D-glucan test;Galactomannan test;Absolute Count of T-Lymphocyte Subsets;Examination on item:Non-gynocology exfoliocytology;Gynocology exfoliocytology;Fine needle aspiration cytology;Immunocytochemistry; PlateletMapping Assay,ADP&AA;TEG Hemostasis System Kaolin;HemoslL dRVVT Screen and dRVVT Confirm;HemoslL Protein C;HemoslL Protein S Activity;Coagulation Factor Activities;VIII/IX Coagulation Factor VIII/IX Inhibitors;Platelet aggregation test PAgT , etc.. The test report is sent to the medical workstation in real time through LIS/HIS, and sent to the patient’s mobile phone in real time through the APP mobile terminal. It provides objective data for the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of clinical diseases, treatment and curative effect observation, census and prognosis judgment, scientific research and pharmacology base. The 24-hour emergency microbiological examination and various green channels have won precious time for life-saving treatment.