Neonatology Department of the First Hospital of Jilin University, established in 1992, is the Neonatal disease clinic and transfer center with the largest scale and the most advanced diagnosis and treatment technologies in Jilin Province.

As the National Neonatal Health Care Specialty, Jilin Province Neonatal Quality Control Center, Jilin Provincial Critical Neonatal Treatment Center and the initiating unit of Jilin Province Neonatal Specialty Medical Alliance, as well as the National Training Base for Neonatal Perinatal Medicine Specialty, Jilin Provincial Training Base for Neonatal Resident Physician and Improving MCH Capacity. Being tertiary center of JiLin province, the neonatal department undertakes transfer for critical neonates from all over the province and some areas of Inner Mongolia. It has successfully treated and cured the preterm infants with the least weight of 500g and the gestational age of 23 weeks.

The Department of Neonatology currently has 39 doctors, including 10 with senior professional titles, 14 with doctoral degrees, and the rest of them are with master’s degrees; 2 with doctoral supervisors, and 5 with master’s supervisors. There are 125 nurses, including 1 deputy chief nurse and 52 nurses. The department accommodates 150 ward beds, which has reached the national standard and ranked the top domestically, according to NHC tiered management standards of neonatal specialty. Closely following the international research frontier of neonatal diseases, the department takes scientific research to drive the disciplinary development and improve the level of precise medical technologies, so as to achieve coordinated development of clinic, scientific research and teaching.

Since the establishment of the department, a total of 135 scientific research and teaching projects have been undertaken , including 16 national projects and 64 provincial and municipal projects. and a total of 428 medical papers have been published, including 116 SCI papers, 59 EI or MEDL papers, and 253 papers in Chinese series of medical journals or other core journals.