The Department of Clinical pharmacy of the First Hospital of Jilin University is a comprehensive medical technology department integrating medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. As the Hospital Pharmaceutical Administration Quality Control Center of Jilin Provincial, it conducts guidance and evaluation on the pharmacy management of medical institutions. As the first batch of training bases for clinical pharmacists and trainees of the Clinical Pharmacy Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, it taught excellent clinical pharmacists for all the medical institutions in Jilin province. It is the affiliated unit of the Jilin branch from the Antimicrobial Clinical Application Monitoring Network of the Ministry of Health. It is the only “demonstration base for rational drug use consultation” in Jilin Province.

The Department of Clinical Pharmacy has a creative evaluation system for quality control and performance management to achieve the second-level monthly quality control at the department level and the group level, effectively improve the motivation, initiative and creativity of employees, and promote the discipline’s great progress and development.

In order to promote the sustainable development of pharmacy, the department develops new pharmaceutical service projects such as pharmaceutical consultation, genetic monitoring medication guidance, drug susceptibility test medication interpretation, blood drug concentration monitoring interpretation, general clinical pharmacy services, family pharmacists, and science popularization for medicine.

At the same time, keeping up with the development of the information age, our hospital has brought in rational drug use software and pharmacist mobile ward information system, aiming to create an information-based, automated and intelligent pharmacy.

It focused on both teaching and scientific research. Following the development of the hospital, as the “Clinical Pharmacy Practice Base of the Pharmacy College of Jilin University” and “the First Teaching and Research Section of Clinical Pharmacy of the Practice Base of the Pharmacy College of Jilin University”, it undertakes the practice training for students from Jilin University and many medical colleges in the province. At the same time, it undertakes the teaching work of theoretical courses for clinical pharmacy undergraduates in the School of Pharmacy, Jilin University and attaches great importance to scientific research and achievement.

The Department of Clinical Pharmacy of the First Hospital of Jilin University takes “specializing in pharmacists, proficient in pharmaceutical affairs, serving attentively and protecting health” as its mission internally and externally to escort the safety of the public medication.