Characteristics of Diagnosis and Treatment

1. The first general clinical pharmacy care work in China

In 2015, our hospital took the lead in proposing the concept of general clinical pharmacists, and established a new model of full coverage of full-course chemical pharmacy services.

For the whole process of admission, hospitalization and discharge, the department provides patients with full chemical pharmaceutical care, medication education and guidance, ensures patient medication safety and trains pharmacists close to the clinical front line. More than 19,000 patients have been treated each year.

2. Pharmacy consultation

Our hospital is the first unit to carry out pharmacy consultation in Jilin Province, with the senior clinical pharmacists providing pharmacy consultation services for clinical practice. Since 2015, our hospital has successively developed the specialty of anti-infection, the specialty of digestion, the specialty of parenteral and enteral nutrition, the specialty of cardiovascular disease and the specialty of immunization. The number of pharmacy consultations is as high as 1,200 cases each month and 13,000 cases each year. This work is deeply recognized by clinical departments and the adoption rate of consultation has been significantly improved.

3. Interpretation of drug susceptibility test results

Our hospital started this work in June 2020, and has now carried out interpretation of drug susceptibility test results and treatment recommendations for the surgical departments of the hospital. Drug susceptibility testing is one of the important means of anti-infective treatment. The correct interpretation of drug susceptibility testing results is helpful to ensure the rationality of drug use, improve the effectiveness of anti-infective treatment and reduce the risk of bacterial resistance.

It assists clinicians in resolving misunderstandings and doubts about drug susceptibility test results, gives full play to the professional capabilities of clinical pharmacists and provides accurate individualized medication recommendations for anti-infective treatment.

4. Interpretation of genetic testing results

This work was carried out in November 2016, and specialized clinical pharmacists participated in genetic testing. It issued a professional medication recommendation report of clopidogrel, warfarin, statins, folic acid, nitroglycerin, allopurinol, carbamazepine and antihypertensive drugs. The annual genetic testing report can reach more than 2,000 cases.

5. Interpretation of blood drug concentration monitoring results

This work was carried out in June 2020, and a professional medication recommendation report was issued for anti-epileptic, antibacterial, and anti-tumor drugs.

The annual blood drug concentration monitoring report can reach more than 2,000 cases.

6.Pharmacy clinic

Since 2015, as one of the first demonstration bases for rational drug use consultation in the country, the hospital has opened a pharmacy clinic, and pharmacists provide drug consultation services to patients with an average of 100 people daily consultation.

At present, the pharmacy clinic of our hospital has started the online appointment registration. The pharmacy clinic consists of 5 specialized pharmacy clinics (transplantation, hypertension, nutrition, anticoagulation, cough and asthma) and 2 general pharmacy clinics (General clinic, Pediatric clinic).

At the same time, the hospital launched the Internet hospital drug consultation service, which carried out the drug consultation service through the hospital patient APP and the public account.